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Crypto currency has garnered a huge acclaimed across the world and most the banks, prominent financial institutions and companies fully realise its real worth. It is wisely as well as widely hailed as the futuristic means of exchange or the sophistication of exchange in future.

In the year 2016 itself, there have been scores of banks, software companies, accounting firms etc, who have carried out a comprehensive research on this topic and in the coming period, the concept is expected to touch the pinnacle of global financial transactions.


But still, there is realized a larger tendency towards clarity being sought in regard to such topic and its fall out, such as what exactly is it and what digitally promising features does it put forth that have captured the imagination of millions across the world.

How It Born

It is indeed interesting to note that cryptocurrencies came into existence incidentally and the credit goes to Satoshi Nakamoto for inventing Bitcoin, which is still classified as the most important cryptocurrency, though inventing a currency was never on his mind. Such an invention led to inventions of other.


how cryptocurrency

perform & works

As such, it simply refers to a currency which has deep association with internet for the ultimate purpose of its culmination as precise use of cryptography is there, by the virtue of which, legible information is being translated into an untraceable code that is used to find purchases and transfers.


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Need Professionals

In grander scheme of things, dedicated professionals are appointed to overlook the network transactions and to endorse the same with credibility and record.


Who Does Control ?

Further, such are not controlled or regulated by any bank or government agency rather, its swift use depends upon abounding internet potential.



For record keeping purpose, the blockchain is maintained whereby all transactions are recorded and data is also arranged at multiple places across network.


Valid & Secure

And hence it does not remain vulnerable to hackers’ delight. Besides, each record or series of record is handled on the bloockchain as a block and once it is acknowledged by network protocol valid.

what makes it safe


it is added as a block and such a block is programmed to be remain constant and unchangeable throughout the process.


Final Brief

Finally, Cryptography has evolved as a golden solution in the present digital era with prolific elements of mathematics and computer science combined inot one to be a premium source for online money transfer.

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