Block Chain

Know Blockchain

The blockchain is the stepping stone of a new age internet whereby information is not designed to be copied and is rightly considered to be the best way to ensure successful digital currency, Bitcoin. In wake of this, the ever increasing tech community has been uncovering new areas of development, where such a premium technology can be instigated at. Bitcoin has gained the term “digital gold” and the term worth it, as total value of currency stands closer to $9 billion while blockchains can impact other types of digital value.

Expert Definition On


To define blockchain, scores of corporate heads have poured in their own definitions, for instance where the Don and Alex Tapscott, writers of popular book “Blockchain Revolution” have called it as an incorruptible digital ledger for ensuring superior economic transactions but virtually everything implies abounding worth.

Digital Ledger





Nodes Comprise An Integrated Network

Just like the internet, Blockchain is developed by the virtue of nodes and every node plays the significant role of an efficient administrator at par with the blockchain and is given way to network and the network thus remains fully decentralized. On brighter side of it, each one can win Bitcoins. As such, nodes are hailed as Bitcoin miners by simply solving out the computational puzzles.


Vastly Distributed

Some refer blockchain as a simply spreadsheet which has numerous instances distributed on the network and each of the instance is updated as per programmed in the network, you get the idea of a blockchain.

Blockhain technology imbibes superior robustness which is simply built-in into the framework and info is being managed into blocks which remain common across the whole network while some paramount features of blockchain are:

  • It can never be controlled by a single entity
  • It does not give way to any one point of failure

Bitcoin blockchain has been operating tremendously without showing any major network or programming complication, since 2008.

Integrated, Transparent

Highly Integrated, Transparent And Finely Tuned To Check Any Errors

There is maintained a state of consensus over the network of a blockchain and automation is designed therein to scrutinize the network affair and data transfer ways at regular intervals of every 10 minutes. This is similar to any self-auditing framework with a digital value is assigned and which is run after every ten minutes cycle. Such transactions are grouped together and is referred to as blocks which unleashes a couple of significant virtues such as:

  • Transparency in data is ensured as its visibility remains re-public
  • Data is immunised from being corrupted and it is mainly because of the fact that to change any unit of info or its course on blockchain would call for ultra-superior computing technology to bring the whole network in its ambit, which is pretty impossible to adhere