Affiliate Programme

Great business deals and relishing cum rewarding progress is always accomplished in a collective manner and in immensely controlled way and a company is truly said to be progressive and forward looking owing to the rich business associations which it consists and endures.

Just a Rewarding Progress

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Hence, we call upon all financial agencies and firms in tourism and travel or study abroad business, to become our authorized business affiliate in order to garner rich financial delights arising from it. As we plan to take whole of India under the ambit of our cryptocurrency business, we offer associations and agencies to become our authentic business associates and generate business for us and we promise to share a larger amount of our profit with them.

Agencies having own office space and a registered business name, can align with us and we shall impart prolific training and would provide rich insights about how to navigate through this pool of Crypto currency business, which is fast taking the whole world, into its giant stride.

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Affiliate Bonuses

Know About ZufloCoin Affiliate

For more information about how to enlist as our authorized agency and to know the required minimum to be our acknowledged business associate, please refer to our website or simply call to us and we shall guide you through this amazing way of dribbling into the exciting and upcoming world of Crypto currency business.

Affiliate Bonuses

1. Direct Bonuses - 10%

2. Binary Matching Bonuses - 1:1 = 10%*

*For getting Binary Matching in one day, You will get maximum Binary Matching equivalent to your higher package which was you bought.

**All commission will be divided in two parts 80 % & 20 %. 80 % will be withdraw able & 15% will be transferred to coin wallet and 5% Admin Charges